Anderson Oak Designs (A O D) – Terms and Conditions

Payments – Where the majority of works are to be carried out in our workshop or off site, A O D will require a 40% deposit on placement of order, a further 30% prior to delivery of oak frame, the remaining 30 % being paid just prior to completion of oak frame. If the majority of our work is on site we will invoice for payment at agreed stages, payment must be received by A O D within 7 days of invoice date.

Access – A O D will require unimpeded access to enable the erection of the oak frame, we will also require scaffold and access staging as necessary to comply with health and safety requirements, these items are not allowed for within our price unless previously negotiated. The erection of the oak frame is usually carried out using our gene lift, if the use of this machine is not possible and it is necessary to use a crane the cost of this item will be the responsibility of the client. A O D is not responsible for making good ground disturbed during the erection process. A O D are responsible for transportation of oak framework to site.

Cleaning – The cost of cleaning oak framing (sand blasting or pressure washing) is not included; we will obtain prices for these items if required.

Decorating – There is no allowance within our prices for decoration of oak framework, if we supply joinery to be fitted by our selves this will have a sealing coat applied but no other decorating is allowed for unless previously negotiated. A O D take no responsibility for joinery deterioration due to client’s lack of decorating, all joinery must be decorated within a reasonable time or distortion and defects may occur.

Welfare – If A O D are the main contractor we will supply our own toilet and washing facilities, if we are supplying to a project managed by others, or to a private individual we will need access to the existing facilities. A O D will require adequate parking for employee’s vehicles.

Extra works – Any discussion about extra works must be with A O D management only, no extra work will be carried out until prices have been agreed between both parties. Variations in existing works must be agreed in writing prior to commencement. Extra work will add extra time to the project.

Loyalty – O A D employees are not permitted to carry out private works directly to the client unless agreed.

Materials – All materials supplied by A O D remain the property of A O D until fixed and paid for, surplus materials will be removed from site by A O D.

Ironmongery – A O D do not supply ironmongery of any kind.

Provisional Sums – If provisional sums are used within a job costing because at the time of pricing it is not possible to obtain a fixed price, A O D will add 20% to the fixed price when obtained, to cover profit and administration.

Tannin – After erection of a green oak framework black tannin will be washed out of the oak by rain, this will stain brickwork etc. this will last for a few months and will then fade naturally.

Shakes and Shrinkage – Green oak is a wet natural material that will crack, shrink and move during the drying out process, which takes many years, these occurrences are in no way detrimental to the structural strength of the frame.

Insect and Beetle Attack – Green oak can be vulnerable to attack by a variety of different insects whilst the log remains in the round on the forest floor, the most notable of these being the Ambrosia (Pinhole Borer) Beetle ( Platypus Cylindrus) whilst every effort is made to insure this insect is not in any of our timber it is impossible to detect other than visually. Small holes may appear in any sapwood on beams between June and September when the larvae bore their way out, these larvae are not detrimental to the structure as they only attack the sap wood. If signs of Pinhole Borer appear we suggest these areas be treated with a basic woodworm spray that can be purchase from your local DIY store.