Our Services

Our Services

Anderson Oak Designs can provide various levels of assistance to aid your timber frame project, from straight forward manufacture through to full and complete instillation services.

Once contact has been made, a meeting can be arranged to discuss your requirements.

We can designs your frame with all your requirement taken into account and provide full working drawings made for your approval.

When the working frame drawings have been produced they will be sent off to be engineered.

We use the most experienced structural engineer in the framing business who will supply a certificate which can be submitted to building control.

We will make your Green Oak Frame in our work shop and deliver to site once the site has be prepared for the instillation by your ground worker or main Contractor.

Restoration-Barn Repairs

All aspects of barn restoration can be carried out on listed and non-listed buildings.

If there is a need to get a structural report before the work commences we can organise this so the correct repair-jointing carpentry can be carried out.

Our aim is to only replace what is needed and to replicate the carpentry to keep continuity in the finished job.